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The Ending that Wasn't

TWILIGHT PROPHECY (Wings in the Night 19, on sale today!) and TWILIGHT FULFILLED (coming in 2 weeks on March 7th!) were intended to be the two-part Wings in the Night series finale. And I wrote them just as if they were--huge, bold, epic, above and beyond anything before--even though I knew in my heart this series would never end as long as I drew breath.

These are the stories of the twins born to Edge and Amber Lily in EDGE OF TWILIGHT. James Willem (J.W.) and Brigit were born to a mother who was herself an anomaly--half vampire, half mortal, and soon it became clear they were unique. James has the power to heal. Brigit has the power to destroy.

In these tales, the mortal world has learned of the existence of vampires. Vigilante groups have sprung up nationwide, burning the homes of suspected vampires by day, killing as many of their own as of the undead. DPI is empowered anew to help manage the situation.

A prophecy, pieced together from bits of ancient Sumerian stone tablets, suggests this will be the end of vampire-kind, and that these two are the only ones who can prevent that from happening.

In part one, TWILIGHT PROPHECY, James must take his healing gift to the next level. He's expected to restore life to a pile of ash that was once antediluvian priest-king Utanapishtim, the flood survivor. He was the first Noah, in flood stories far older than the biblical versions. And he was the first immortal. It was from him that all vampires descended. But first, James must locate the ancient one's remains, and for that, he'll need the help of mortal archaeologist Lucy Lanfair, whether she's willing or not. The survival of his people is on the line.

TWILIGHT PROPHECY is on sale now in ebook. Paperback is coming within a day or two. It's a big, fat book originally published by MIRA, and runs more than 380 pages in the paperback version. It also includes another episode from the ongoing adventures of Rhiannon in the Temple of Isis.

You're gonna love this one.

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