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The Many Maggies

There is not just one Maggie. There are myriad Maggies. There are so many I can barely keep up with us.

To give all my Maggies a voice – because if there's one thing Maggies love, it's communicating – I now have three blogs.

The main one is right here, Maggie's Coffee House Blog. This is where I talk about books and writing and life in general.

The second one is The Bliss Blog & Magic Shop, over at That's where I talk about all things relating to natural magic, Wicca, the Law of Attraction, and other spiritual topics. (The magic shop will be hopping September - December. It kind of hibernates the rest of the year.)

And now there's a third outlet, a place for me to talk about my passion for food and cooking, where I'll share the recipes and eating habits that can reverse most of your medical conditions, get you off most or all your prescriptions, extend your life, and save the planet. You're welcome. It's called Maggie Shayne's Plant-Based Coffee House and it's on Substack, here.

So that was the first piece of news I wanted to share with you all here today.


Next up...

All About AUDIO!

CLICK THE IMAGES! They go to Book 1 of each series, where the audiobook links for that title appear along with links to each successive book.

I know your first question, because it's everyone's first question. When will the rest of the books in these two series be released on audio?

The unsatisfying answer is, I don't know.


Next up...


We're experimenting with Wings in the Night in Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a KU member and have been unable to buy the books at full price, you now have an opportunity. The books will remain in paperback editions too.



I took a break after Young Rhiannon released in mid-June, and I'm kind of still on it and really don't want it to end. But I have promised to have the next Brown & de Luca novel to the editor by November 3, and to my publisher by December 1, for release on my 62nd birthday, February 6th.

I scrapped what I had and started. Again. But now I have a really cool mystery plot for Rachel and Mason to solve, and all the angst that makes this series work too, so I finally have the right story and it should go fast from here.

There is every chance that another FATAL book or something else gets written during this same period, but it will depend on life.

About Life

I'm wanting to enjoy my days, rather than spending all my time on the computer writing or online promoting my books, so I've set the deadline far enough out to allow me to do that. I'm frankly healthier and more active than I've ever been, and craving time to indulge those things.

For many years, I didn't expect to make it very far into my sixties. Mom passed from pancreatic cancer two weeks after her 60th birthday. Her sister died of the same disease. And for a long time, I expected to go out the same way. I look very much like my mother, we have the same body type, we both had to have our children by C-section, we're both redheads, and both freckled.

But the fear of cancer has gone from me now. I've taken control of my health with both hands. (See the Substack blog.) Most people don't realize how much power they truly have via the choices they make and the lives they live.

I do. I've found the secret, the Fountain of Youth, and I now expect to live and thrive in good health for a long time. (Hint: the secret is what you eat. Again, see my foodie blog.)

I'll never quit writing novels. I don't know if I could, even if I tried.

But I am going to indulge myself in the joy of living this life fully while I'm still here, however long that might be. (I'm thinking 110, 112, somewhere in that range.)

Talk to you soon!


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