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Baby on his Doorstep! 

Sheriff Garrett Brand has raised his brood of siblings single-handedly, and he’s done his best to mold them into honorable, responsible, and trustworthy human beings. So when a baby lands on the doorstep of the Texas Brand, his first question is which younger brother is in for a butt-kicking?


But the little fellow isn’t named after Ben, or Wes, or Adam, or Elliot. This baby is named after him–Garrett Ethan Brand–according to the note his mama left behind. 

He’s still racking his brain to figure it all out, when a woman shows up at the ranch in the dead of night, fighting mad and accusing Garrett of murdering her sister and stealing the baby! 

Chelsea is confused, heartbroken, and too mad to think straight, and the same trouble that found her poor sister is right on her tail. But of all the places she and the baby could’ve wound up, there's none better than the ranch called the Texas Brand, and there's no family that would fight harder to protect an innocent woman and child.

Trouble doesn’t stand a chance against The Brands of Texas.

Wings in the Night: Reborn