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This Changed Everything

I've been a lifelong dieter.

This year, all that changed. I am eating all I want of everything I want and watching my body re-shape itself around me to reflect the latest evolution of the person inside. I've lost 15 lbs without counting a calorie or depriving myself of anything I desire. It's like a switch has been flipped.

What changed, was what I want to eat. It isn't deprivation. I'm making cookies and brownies and breads and muffins, soups and stews and pastas and gravies, casseroles and burritos and tacos and pizzas and cauliflower hot wings that are to die for. After the reading and research I've been doing, I couldn't go back to eating meat and dairy if I wanted to. The notion of it kind of makes me gag, and it's only been a month and half. Not even six weeks yet. But it changed everything.

It fixed what was wrong

I was downing Tums by handfuls for the constant acid reflux.  I have not taken a single antacid this year. Weight is coming off without effort and I feel fantastic. My head is clearer. I'm sleeping better. I have more energy. I just feel so freaking good! And it hit me, from this place of feeling fantastic, just how crappy I had been feeling before.

A new project!

I promise I'm not going to nag about this. But I have to bring it up just one more time for two reasons. First, because I want my readers to know that people are able to stop BP meds, cholesterol meds, and even diabetes meds just by changing to a plant-based diet! That's too good not to share far and wide.

And second because today is launch day for a brand new blog where I am partnering with my youngest daughter to share recipes, insights, frustrations, and triumphs along our transition into a plant-based lifestyle, each in our own way, from our own perspective. Our goal is to share everything we discover along the way that makes the change easier, more delicious, and more FUN. I hope you'll join us!

Visit the blog – Subscribe free!

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