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When former Secret Service agent Alex Stone is asked to impersonate a foreign dignitary who wears a full beard and is rarely seen without his sunglasses, it’s not a problem. But getting someone to impersonate the man’s new bride, a beauty the world adores, is a little bit harder.


Melusine Brand looks astoundingly like the pampered princess. She’s also a rough and tumble Oklahoma girl with colorful language. Besides, she’ll never agree. 

Only, she does.


Alex has to tutor her to survive the glitzy world he’s used to.


But when things take a turn and they’re on the run in the wilderness with killers on their heels, it’s Mel’s turn to school him.


Depending on each other to stay alive, these two opposites find a love that’s stronger than either of them could have imagined…and hope they can live long enough to claim it.

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