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Scroll down. Trust me. But on the way, enjoy this freakin' gorgeous new cover art on my three most beloved series; The Texas Brand, The Oklahoma Brands, and The McIntyre Men. More news below.

As you might already know, I have partnered up with publisher Oliver Heber Books, and the first thing they did was put fresh new cover art on The Texas Brand series, The Oklahoma Brands series, and The McIntyre Men series. 21 stories, each series spinning into the next. Aren't they gorgeous?

You've been asking...

For years, readers have been pleading for paperback editions of these books. Now, thanks to my new publisher, every single title is available in mass market paperback–that's the regular-sized ones. Every brick & mortar bookstore can carry them, because they are back in the catalogue of the nation's largest book distributor, Inrga. You can also buy the paperbacks online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million. This is a major change, and I couldn't be more excited!

Read them all for FREE!

You can buy the ebooks just like always on Kindle. What's new is that, because the ebooks are now Amazon exclusives, you can also read all 21 of them FREE in Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service that lets you read all the books you want for FREE. You can get the first 30 days free, and the next 60 days for 4.99 in Amazon's current promotion. If you spend more than $10 a month on books, this might be a more affordable option for you, and I know we're all looking for those these days!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas Stories!

Three of the six Oklahoma Brands series books are Christmas stories, just like three of the six McIntyre Men series books feature Christmas and miracles, while one, Shine on Oklahoma, is a Thanksgiving romance. You don't see those every day.

Yes, that special time of year is rolling into our lives again. Never fails, does it? And doesn't it feel wonderful? I'm eager to begin putting up my Yuletide decor now that Halloween and Samhain are all but in the bag. (At this writing, astrological Samhain is tomorrow, November 7th.)

Just so you know...

Some of the paperbacks are still in progress, though most are already available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and more. The middle series of the three, The Oklahoma Brands, are taking the longest to process.

If the paperback you want isn't available, try again in a few days or a week. As I've said, every single story is returning to mass market paperback and it's happening as we speak.

At Amazon, older versions might also show up, but be sure to click on the one with the covers shown here–the same cover as the ebook version.

And with this news, I have just launched the holiday season at!

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Jackie Tansky
Jackie Tansky
Nov 06, 2022

Love the covers

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