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Shattered Sisters, Book 1

The Hanukka/Christmas/Solstice/New Year's holidays have passed, and that means we are now entering the season of L-O-V-E! 
I might be biased about Valentine's Day. It's my anniversary. I mean, leave it to a romance novelist to marry the love of her life on Valentine's Day. Cliché much? But I can't help it. Valiversary is our favorite dual purpose holiday of the year. And since my birthday is February 6th, I get in on that too. Say it with me now. Triple presents!

So now I'm shifting focus to love, and you know, love is what I do best. 

Note: For a while, HUNTED (Shattered Sisters series) has been “down for repairs.” It's back up now so the full series is once again available. Click the cover of RECKLESS (book 1, FREE) to go straight to the Shattered Sisters Page.


It's the first day of the first full week of 2020, aka the day I get back to a normal work routine. And after making a big fat list, the thing I most wanted to do was update the website. Yeah. I know. That's akin to cleaning out the garage when company's coming for dinner, but I trust my strong connection enough to do what I feel like doing most days. So I'm updating. 

In 2020 my first projects will be FIONA:ABERRATIONS which is in progress, and the novelization of my 8th great grandmother's witch trial in Stamford CT, 1692. I'm writing the former while researching the latter.

I'm deciding this week what the newsletter serial will be. I had planned for it to be the Grandma Liz tale, but as soon as I dove in I knew that was going to be too big a project and require too much research to make it a good candidate. So who knows? Maybe I'll write something brand new. Or (this just popped in) maybe a Rhiannon short to tide over her fans, with some of the other beloved Wings folks doing walk-ons. (And now I'm wondering if maybe that idea was the reason my brain wanted to come update the site. Only upon writing this update did that notion get in.) Either way, you're getting a story in the newsletter this month. Might be the 31st of this month, might be tomorrow, but it'll be this month. 

I know everyone is crazily eager for more BLISS IN BIG FALLS and I don't want you to worry. Chances are very good we'll have 2 Bliss in Big Falls novels in 2020. One from me, Jack Kellogg's story, and one from my daughter Jessie, the second of three she's planning around the Wakelands of Big Falls. 

Oh, and I want to write another Brown & de Luca too, because I know exactly what the next plot is centered around, sort of. 

BlissBlog.shop & BlissBlog.org

We are celebrating love over at my magic shop with a big sale in our LOVE LOVE LOVE Collection–items designed to help you resonate with the love vibration, and get you all tuned in for the holiday. 

Also new on the Blissful side of things, we'll be releasing the compiled BlissBlog posts from 2019 in book form soon, as in January or February. We're calling it A Year of Bliss 2019, and we'll be continuing this as a new annual release. In fact, in my free time (HA!) I might just go back and compile the 2018 posts as well. 

I find it's super convenient having them all in one place. Plus I update, tweak and expand on them when reviewing the posts for this, so they get a little extra sparkle to them. 

And now, let's review our most recent releases.



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“The action and suspense are super intense. The ending is shocking.”

“These books are suspenseful and serious page turners. Girl Blue followed suit and did not disappoint. I already can't wait for the next one.”

“What a ride! I love these characters…Rachel is scary smart and between her potty mouth, no filter and the abilities she has…. Well you are in for quite a story.”

Click the cover to go to the Brown and de Luca page for GIRL BLUE and the rest of the series. 

Collectible, Autographed Books

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