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The Great Wings in the Night Rebirth

We are breathing new life into Wings in the Night, the first "twilight" vampire-romance series. Every two weeks, we'll release another book in this long-running, 25-story saga. And every single book will include BONUS CONTENT.

Young Rhiannon in the Temple of Isis

Brand new, never-before-published, connected short stories plucked from Rhiannon's childhood will appear in every single book. 

Behind the Scenes

Each book will also include an introductory note from Maggie, full of inside info and trivia related to the stories that you might not have known about before.


Chosen by Fresh Fiction!

Rom-com ghost mysteries,
with a Scooby gang you'll want to join!


The star-crossed journey of Johnny and Maya begins to unfold as they and the rest of the gang risk it all to protect a teenage boy from the most powerful forces yet. 


And the most deadly! 

Click on the latest title in each series to visit the series page, where you can buy books for Kindle, Nook, Apple, Google, Kobo, paperback, and hardcover when available!

Coffee House

All the latest news,

possibly peppered

with random shit

that's on my mind. 


Rare, out of print books.

Many first editions.

Always autographed.

Dozens of titles!

Not listed on the "series" pages.

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Work with Maggie

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You'll get a thorough developmental edit of your novel, which includes comments, notes, and changes to the novel itself, plus a huge document analyzing your story's plot, character development, conflict, motivation, pacing, structure, and more. This document will include suggestions and advice to make the book even stronger.

On top of that, you'll receive a separate, in-depth analysis of your voice and writing style, strengths and weaknesses with suggestions to help you take it to the next level.

There's never been anything like this writer to writer opportunity. 


.01¢ per word for 55,000 words & up.

.012¢ per word under 55,000 words.

This service is provided in collaboration with PRACTICAL PROOFING, the editing service Maggie uses for all her own projects. More details and a link to contact Maggie for reserving your spot are there. Click the button below!

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