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I stand with
the Black community.
I stand with love.
I stand with light.
I stand with justice.

Brand new from Maggie's 
Spiritual Self-Help Collection

Book 4, July 7th, 2020

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A change of plans

After much though and contemplation I have decided to dive into the complete rewrite and massive expansion of this story immediately. My cover designer and I have been busy creating the cover and pre-order for you, and those links are now live! We also redecorated the other books in the series to help celebrate. Please click the cover on the left for all the pre-order links, and enjoy the new look of the whole series. 

I've filled an entire white board with the three-act outline for the novel. It's going to be as rich, lush, and multi-layered as the other books in the series, and honestly, a whole new experience for the reader. 

Another Year of Bliss ON SALE NOW

A YEAR OF BLISS, Volume 1 is now on sale. Click the cover for all the buy links. This is the compiled BlissBlog.org posts from calendar year 2018. It's in E now, and we'll probably be doing print editions this summer.

Click the cover for all the buy links for this as well as A YEAR OF BLISS, Volume 2, THE BLISS BOOK, MAGIC AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, and more!

For the BlissBlog, Bliss Blog Shop, or to book a private reading by email, visit BLISSBLOG.ORG

 Works in Progress

Besides FEAR THE REAPER, which I am writing in monthly segments you can read in the newsletter (you are signed up for the newsletter, aren't you?) But I digress. Aside from FTR, I'm working exclusively on IMMORTALITY for the next few weeks. I don't expect it to take very long. 



Maggie Shayne is a reader's joy. A remarkable talent!

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