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In the Temple of Isis

Young Rhiannon in the Temple of Isis Front Cover.jpg

Wings in the Night, Book 24

Young Rhiannon
in the Temple of Isis

I am Rhiannon.

This is my origin story.


My original name was Rhianikki, firstborn of Pharaoh. My bare feet sank into the sands of Egypt when the pyramids were new. My mother was a divine queen who died giving birth to me and they say the walls of the palace trembled when they took me, wailing, from her cold arms. 


I was special and not just by virtue of my inherent divinity. 


But rather than honor my gifts, my father feared them. And when I was five years old, he and his new queen sent me far away from their newborn twin sons, to live at the Temple of Isis, where I learned and grew and became the woman I still am, more than three thousand years later.


That temple is where I was raised by holy women who taught me the secrets of the gods and of the goddesses and all the ways of magic. 



There I met Luca, a father-figure like my own had never been, who could only visit me by night and who said we were related in a way I would not understand until I was older.


During those years, I rescued stolen children; I answered women’s prayers; I helped artists find their calling; I caused a poor, small village to thrive, and I saw the face of my beloved in the glasslike crystal ball of a prophet.


I communed with Isis nightly, and became convinced she lived within me, that my soul was divine. 


That assumption has never left me.

Wings in the Night Series
The vampire romances
That launched a genre!

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Wings in the Night: Fiona Files 
Book 1

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Wings in the Night 23:
A Fiona Files crossover

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Dead By Twilight
Wings in the Night Novella

Young Rhiannon in the Temple of Isis Front Cover.jpg
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