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Wings in the Night 14

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Before she joined up with a ragtag band trying to hunt down a killer, Topaz had been on a different mission. To find Jack Heart and make him pay.


The sexy as sin vampire had conned his way into her bed and bank accounts and all she wanted was to get her money back, and maybe an ounce of flesh besides. He’d hurt her. 


But now she and Jack are on the same side. 


The hunt for the big bad has gone cold, so the gang has taken a break, and Topaz will spend the time solving a mystery that’s plagued her all her life—what really happened to her Hollywood starlet mother when Topaz was just a baby? With four men claiming to have fathered her, why had she been so alone? And what the hell does Jack care about any of it? 


He’s there, trying to help, and digging up his own family skeletons while he’s at it. And how is she supposed to keep her damn hands off him when he’s so close and so willing? 

Wings in the Night: Reborn

Wings in the Night Series
The vampire romances
That launched a genre!

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Wings in the Night: Fiona Files 
Book 1

Fear the Reaper.png

Wings in the Night 23:
A Fiona Files crossover

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Dead By Twilight
Wings in the Night Novella

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