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Wings in the Night 15

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Before she joined Reaper in hunting Gregor's gang of rogue bloodsuckers, privileged princess Topaz was gunning for just one vamp: Jack Heart. The gorgeous con man had charmed his way into her bed, her heart and her bank account, taking her for half a million dollars and vanishing without a word.

Now she and Jack–maddeningly attractive as ever–are supposedly on the same side. As Reaper's ragtag outfit scatters, Topaz sets out to solve a mystery that's plagued her all her lives, mortal and immortal: what really happened to her movie-star mother, who died when Topaz was just a baby? With four men claiming to be her father, why has she always been alone?

And what stake does Jack have in discovering the truth about her past?

Topaz is sure he's up to something–but her suspicions are at war with her desires….

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Wings in the Night: Reborn