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Wings in the Night 18

A prophecy pressed into ancient stone tablets predicts the end of vampire kind. This can only be avoided, the cuneiform symbols say, by the intervention of “the two who are opposite and yet the same.”


Part-human, part-vampire twins James, who can heal and Brigit, who can destroy, believe they are those two. 


James’ first step in saving his friends, his family, his people, is to get his hands on the rest of that tablet and the woman who can translate it—Professor Lucy Lanfair.  To save his species, he’ll abandon the very values and principals he’s lived by. He’ll pluck an innocent woman from her life and drop her into the middle of his kindred’s fight for survival. And he will extract her aid whether she wants to give it or not.


Archaeologist and translator Lucy Lanfair has no idea that she holds the key to preventing the annihilation of an entire species. But she soon realizes she holds far more than just that—for the vampire’s soul is also in her hands. To love him is to rise to the call of destiny, despite the danger. To save her love, she must save his entire race. 

Wings in the Night: Reborn

Wings in the Night Series
The vampire romances
That launched a genre!

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Wings in the Night: Fiona Files 
Book 1

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Wings in the Night 23:
A Fiona Files crossover

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Dead By Twilight
Wings in the Night Novella

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