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Wings in the Night 16

Even an immortal can know the taste of fear…

She awakens cold and naked in the pouring rain, with no idea who she is or how she got there. But she does know one thing–she has to run for her life.


When Ethan finds the terrified woman hiding in his stable, he knows exactly who Lilith is. He's never forgotten her, not in the three years since he escaped the facility where they were both captives, along with dozens of others, humans bred into vampires and brainwashed to be killing machines. They'd shared one, innocent kiss. And then he'd escaped and left her behind.


How can he tell her that he'd have taken her if he could, or that he planned to go back for her one day, once he found his brother and enough resources and help?


He can't, especially not once her memory begins to return. But a new goal is even more vital then. How can he convince her that going back for the the other captives would be suicide?



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Wings in the Night 17

Anna Seville was born the day her doctor told her she was dying.

She left that appointment devastated. And then he came.  Maybe he was a vision, brought on by shock. Maybe he was an angel. If ever there were a time for an angelic visit, this was it.

She’d come to the pier near the lighthouse, stunned by the news. He sat on the bench beside her. Ethereal, he seemed to glow from within. His name was Diego, and he whispered that she must llive her dreams now—that it would be a sin to do less. He promised he’d see her again when her came. Then he vanished and she woke in her own bed with no memory of how she'd got there.

That encounter changed everything for Anna. She sold her house, quit her job, bought a sailboat, and set out to ride the waves. It was perfect and blissful and everything she wanted. Until a storm came, demolishing her boat. She’s sure it’s the end, and equally sure she’s not ready to die. And then he’s there again, saving her, carrying her ashore, caring for her.

Diego is no angel. He’s a vampire. And the last thing he wants is an interloper on his private island. He’s determined to make her leave. But Anna, is even more determined to stay.

Wings in the Night Series
The vampire romances
That launched a genre!

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Wings in the Night: Fiona Files 
Book 1

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Wings in the Night 23:
A Fiona Files crossover

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Dead By Twilight
Wings in the Night Novella

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