Original Cover: 1993
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The very first "Twilight" vampire romance novel
And the birth of

Wings in the Night

Tamara believes the story of her life...

That her parents died in a tragic accident. That her the legal guardian who raised her as if she were his own, loves her and cares for her. That she's an ordinary, if someone frail and young woman.

But that story is fiction...

She's nothing but bait in the deadly trap of a shadowy government agency devoted to the extermination of vampires. There's something special about her blood, something that attracts them. One of them in particular.

He cannot stay away...

For Eric, the lure of her blood is irresistible. She is one of the Chosen, those rare humans who possess an antigen enabling them to become a vampire. His kind feel compelled to watch over and protect The Chosen. And for each there is one for whom this bond is more powerful, and unbreakable. For him, Tamara is that one. 

Staying away is not an option.

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Wings in the Night: Reborn