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Wings in the Night 5


Strong sexual content


Jameson Bryant is a rare man. He’s one of the Chosen, a mortal with the Belladonna antigen, the only kind who can become a vampire himself. But he’s not ready to make that decision, despite that vampires helped raise him. The undead are some of his best friends.


Now a man grown, Jameson knows more about vampires than most—so when he hears the cries of one who is alone and suffering, he’s not afraid to go to her. He finds her alone, half-starved, and mad with hunger. But when he tries to help the beautiful, violet-eyed vampiress, she attacks.


Angelica was a novitiate nun about to take her solemn vows when a creature of the night changed her against her will. On her own, unsure how she’ll survive or whether she even wants to, she refuses to feed on the living and further damn her soul… until the hunger takes over. When a young man tries to help her, she loses control.


Nine months later, the virgin nun is giving birth—in captivity.


Jameson would have died that night if not for his vampiric family. The dark gift didn’t preserve his life—it gave him a new one, along with the power to rescue his daughter.


He’ll save Amber Lily and her murderous mother from the vampire hunters who’ve been his lifelong enemies. And all the powers of heaven and earth won’t stop him.


BONUS! A never-before published short story:

Rhiannon in the Temple of Isis 5:

The Abduction


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Wings in the Night, Book 6

On an Irish country road in 1808, Donovan O’Roark is killed by a vampire, his bloodless body carried home by grieving loved ones.  


Later, he wakes in a coffin at his own funeral. His family turn on him. His own father tries to drive a stake through his heart. 


For a time he finds refuge in the nearby castle with a new friend, but a mob of villagers drive them out into the rising sun. He’s barely escapes with his life. His friend is not so lucky.


Tonight, Donovan O’Roark returns to Dunkinny.


So does Rachel Sullivan. After earning a degree in the States, she’s again slinging beers in her hometown. But her true goal in coming home is to unravel the legends of the Castle of Donovan O’Roark. They say he was a vampire.


A stranger with a striking resemblance to his ancestor, who bears the same name, has taken up residence in the castle. 


The locals fear he’s the vampire, back for revenge. Rachel thinks he’s her way in. 

But it’s getting out that’s the problem. As passion explodes between captive and captor, a deadly superstition smolders in the village below, and when violence erupts, they’ll need more than their burgeoning love to surv

Wings in the Night: Reborn

Wings in the Night Series
The vampire romances
That launched a genre!

The covers link to each book's page
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Wings in the Night: Fiona Files 
Book 1

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Wings in the Night 23:
A Fiona Files crossover

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Dead By Twilight
Wings in the Night Novella

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