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Sharing elements of both THE STAND by Stephen King and the movie ‘The Terminator,’ with all the magic and wonder of a Disney fairytale, Maggie Shayne weaves a mesmerizing tale of true love that is sure to enchant readers everywhere.

                           –Maudeen Wachsmith
                 Amazon Top-1000 reviewer!



By Magic 3

Sweethearts since childhood…
Annie and Richard shared an unparalleled love filled with tenderness, passion and joy, until the tragic day Richard crashed his rig to avoid a busload of children, and left his adoring wife pregnant and alone.

But Richard is not gone…

Magic claimed him before Death could, and swept him away to train and to serve in the Hall of Heroes, in the hidden Realms of Rush. And now he has returned with no recollection of the man he once was – a modern knight on a mission to protect his own wife and their unborn child from the forces of darkness.

A love more powerful than magic…
Annie sees through the magic that should’ve disguised her husband from her. She doesn’t know how it’s happened but he’s back. Even though no one else recognizes him, she knows she’s not insane. It’s him and she has to make him remember.

But even if she can, magic wants him back. And magic will not be denied.

The rest of the series...

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