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“Ms. Shayne augments her growing reputation for some of the best fantasies on the market today."

                         –Painted Rock Reviews



By Magic 4
A light, fun, magical take on a fairytale

She should be happy…
Enya is from an enchanted realm called Rush, a place of magic and mystery, where she has everything a pureblood fairy could wish for. But it’s not enough for her restless spirit. Every year when the path of her floating island home brings her near enough, she flies through the veil to the mortal world, and that’s where she meets a boy called Devon, who draws her like nectar draws hummingbirds.

Devon’s not a boy anymore…
He’s put away those childhood dreams. A tragic loss has left him angry, bitter, and lashing out at the world, almost taunting death. Until the night Death took him up on it. He thought it was the end when a storm ripped his sailboat to bits.

But a beautiful angel saved him…
He’d even seen her wings. When he wakes up on the beach, he’s sure it was all a dream, until the angel returns.

Enya’s made a deal with the devil…
When refused by her queen, she traded with a troll: her wings, her magic, and maybe her life for three days in the mortal world with the man she loves. If she can’t make him fall in love with her before her time expires, she’ll lose it all.

A grownup re-tooling of The Little Mermaid with wings instead of tails, and sizzle added to the sweet.

The rest of the series...

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