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"All I wanted was a cutesy book to read while waiting on the bus. I didn't want to get myself entangled with fantastic characters or sucked into a beautifully written world."

                 –Amazon Reviewer



By-Magic-Enchanted OHB.jpg
By Magic 2

Driven from her home…
Bridin is in hiding, in exile, awaiting the man foretold to find her and help her reclaim her destiny. 

The last man she expects is her darkest enemy, the villain who took it all away from her and drove her from her home.

She is his worst enemy…
But Tristan has to find a way to win Bridin’s trust. Only together can they oust a tyrant and free their enslaved people. A battle awaits, both between them and beyond them. But they must prevail with the passionate magic of true love.

The rest of the series...

By-Magic-Enchanted OHB.jpg
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