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Holly LOVES Christmas

And this year is special. This year she’s going to spend Christmas in the house where she grew up. It’s vacant, unoccupied as it has been since her family died, leaving her alone except for her beloved aunt. The realtor is a friend of the family, and understands Holly’s need to visit the place one last time before it’s sold.

Matthew HATES Christmas

He hates everything about it. Has ever since the worst Christmas of his life, fifteen years ago, when his father died. He’s not above taking advantage of everyone’s favorite excuse not to work, however. He thinks he can get a leg up on the competition for a house he wants to flip. He drives up into New York’s rural snow belt town of Oswego to take a look at the place, and there he finds a crazy hippy stringing gaudy lights to the roof.

Stranded for the Holiday

Holly is no more thrilled by Matthew’s visit than he is by her presence, but she gives the grouchy stranger the grand tour in exchange for his help with a few tasks around the place. By the time they’ve finished, a holiday snowstorm has dumped enough snow to ensure neither of them can leave.

Fate finds a way

There’s a lot more going on than two random strangers, stranded together for the holidays. These two have a connection neither of them know about. There’s Christmas magic at work here, using an old felt hat to heal a pair of broken-hearted children by bringing them together.


A Christmas Romance for the ages!

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