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The Victim...

High school English teacher Melinda Terwilliger is sick and tired of being afraid. Her once-perfect neighborhood has been over by criminals and its residents are terrified. When she’s mugged on her way home one night, enough is enough. She’s desperate to find her inner strength, even if she has to resort to drastic measures, like hypnosis.

The Turning Point...

Something goes wrong while she’s under, and Melinda emerges believing herself to be a professionally trained bad ass.

The Cop...

Matthew McGuire is undercover, posing as a teacher in Melinda’s district. He’s after the very thugs terrorizing the quiet, beautiful Ms. Terwilliger’s neighborhood. But he needs their boss, too, a man who rarely shows his face. Matt never expected the shy beautiful teacher to turn into a fearless, reckless vigilante. Her antics might cost the police the kingpin they’ve been after for months. But worse, they could easily get Melinda killed.

The Plan...

He has to get close to her to keep her out of trouble. He doesn’t plan to fall into the bad guys’ hands, or into Melinda’s heart, but does both in this uplifting, funny, romantic, novella-length read from a NY Times and USA Today bestselling, award-winning author!

Maggie's Entire
Collection of Novellas
at Bargain Prices!

Novella-length print equivalent - about 100 pages | 2.99 each
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