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Being a Witch in a small town is hard...

Being a Witch and a high school teacher is even harder.

But when horrible crimes with “occult” trappings begin happening by night in Ezra Township, things get dangerous for Mirabella. And when one of her teenage students dies, they get downright deadly.

A modern-day Witch hunt begins...

Mirabella cannot refuse to help a motherless teenage Witch who doesn’t understand her own, newly budding powers. But doing so puts her at even greater risk of discovery by a locals caught in the dearly grip of fear and superstition.

And the girl’s widowed father might be the greatest threat of all.

Bonus Content

Along with this paranormal romance by New York Times Bestselling author and real life modern day Witch Maggie Shayne, you’ll get a special treat! Actual Spells from Maggie’s own personal Book of Shadows!

Maggie's Entire
Collection of Novellas
at Bargain Prices!

Novella-length print equivalent - about 100 pages | 2.99 each
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witch moon new.jpeg
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