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a very sexy read

From buttoned-up office help to sexy lingerie model!


Martha Jane can’t say no. Tonight’s lingerie show can make or break her best friend’s brand new line, and the model got sick at the last minute.

Transformed into a bombshell…

The quiet, unemployed administrative assistant walks the runway in an array of fantasy lingerie, grateful that each outfit has its own elaborate mask.

The line is a hit, and Martha Jane is relieved the show is nearly over, until, on her final pass, she falls off the stage on and into the arms of Richard Gable.

Her former boss.

The man she’s been secretly in love with for years.

The man who fired her and gave her job to one his brainless bimbos.

The Mask She Wears…

He doesn’t recognize her behind the mask. And then she realizes…he’s hitting on her. Of course he’s hitting on her. A lingerie model is exactly his type. In all the time she worked for him, Richard never looked at her the way he’s looking at her now.


Does she have the nerve?

Martha Jane makes a split second decision to take a walk on the wild side. She’s pretty sure she can protect her identity. But it’s not as easy to protect her heart.

Maggie's Entire
Collection of Novellas
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Novella-length print equivalent - about 100 pages | 2.99 each
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