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It’s her dark night of the soul…

When Dori returns to her hometown of Crescent Cove Vermont on the shore of Lake Champlain, she has lost everything. Her job, her money, and her faith. Once a revered Wiccan High Priestess, she doesn’t even believe in magic anymore. She feels adrift, without direction or clarity. Her entire focus is on landing another job that will restore her to the life she had before and take her back to the city.


She hurt him once before…

Jason, now the local police chief, is careful not to get too close when Dori comes home. She broke his heart once, and he’s not eager to let that happen again. But he can’t seem to help himself. Even when she makes it clear that she intends to leave town just as soon as she can.


Out of the broom closet…

When it leaks that Dori is a card-carrying Witch who has helped police locate seven missing people, the local paper runs a story and some closed-minded local vandalizes her car. She’s more eager than ever to leave this place behind. 


One stormy Solstice night…

But when three boys take a boat out on the lake just before a solstice night storm surges in, theirs lives are on the line. Dori and Jason need to put their own issues aside and do everything they can to find the kids and save their lives. 


Time to don the pointy hat…

For Dori, that means using the magic she’d turned her back on, and rekindling the faith she thought had died. It means finding the light again. And when she does, it illuminates every shadow and reveals that her heart’s desire was right there, all along.

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